Menaifah, the old lady of the Dahman-Shahwan bloodline left us sadly forever on 23. January 2008.

She had not only an extraordinary personality – very sensitive and a high level of commitment, but also she was very successful in western riding tournaments. You could find her on almost every tournament through Germany.To range from easy c-level tournaments to the European championship.She won the hearts of the people easily through her charisma, her beauty, her beautiful gaits and her lovely character. With all these characteristics she inspired many people for the Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse

 She leaves behind in our stud:

 For daughters:

Ansiba Joumanah (Shaikh Al Jiwan x Menaifah)

Ansiba Marana (Madkour I x Menaifah)

Ansiba Mudjannah (Madkour I x Menaifah)

Ansiba Mandilah (Maysoun x Menaifah)


One Son:

Ansiba Jiwan (Shaikh Al Jiwan x Menaifah)


Ten grandchildren :

Ansiba Mandisha (Maysoun x Marana)

Ansiba Malouma (Maysoun x Ansiba Joumanah)

Ansiba Mujalli (Maysoun x Ansiba Joumanah)

Ansiba Masika (Maysoun x Ansiba Mudjannah)

Ansiba Mahdi (Mahadin x Ansiba Joumanah)

Ansiba Malia (Ansata Amir Zaman x Ansiba Joumanah)

Ansiba Al Assad (MA Alishah x Ansiba Mudjannah)

Ansiba Moshira (Scharif El Bataa x Ansiba Mudjanah)

Ansiba Milad (Scharif El Bataa x Ansiba Marana)

Ansiba Masiuna (Ansiba Mujalli x Ansiba Marana)


Three - great - grandchildren

Ansiba Maram (MA Alishah x Ansiba Mandisha)

Ansiba Mashari (Scharif El Bataa x Ansiba Mandisha)

Ansiba Mena (Ansiba Mujalli x Ansiba Masika)

Ansiba Maalula (Ansiba Mahdi x Ansiba Mandisha)