Training for horses

All our horses get trained from the very beginning they are born. We touch the foals all over their bodies and give them specific signals they already understand - e.g. moving at pressure, going backwards, moving the frontlegs and their hindquarters. later on they learn how to give hoofs - of course just for a few seconds in the beginning. Every right response, even the most little one, is praised and patted. The groundwork according to "Natural Horsemanship" accompanies the young horses until they get startet under the saddle and later on.

All horses which are with us for training will receive the same attention and love as our own horses.

The goal is a horse which cooperates willingly to light hands and can be directed with almost invisible aids – both from the ground and under saddle.
By using a lot of calmness and consistency, the first step is to establish trust between human and horse which enables the horse to find motivation for sustainable learning.
You are welcome to participate in the training of your horse.

We offer:

Groundwork, preparation for starting young horses, changing to Western Riding, competition training mainly for Horsemanship competition classes.